Process procedure development

Managing a brazing facility can be a very complex task. There are many different processes that need to be controlled beyond just the brazing such as the chemical cleaning; heat treating; welding; straightening; chemical testing; mechanical testing; metallurgical testing; NDT ultrasonic; NDT radiographic; pressure leak testing; pressure drop flow testing…and others. All of these processes must be controlled in a way to achieve compliance with various controlling specifications from the top quality systems of ISO 9000 series; AS 9100; MIL-Q-9858; MIL-I-45208 to the individual process specifications, AWS A5.31; AWS B2.2; AWS C3.7; AWS C3.8; AMS 2750; AMS 2770; ASTM-E18; ASTM E230; ANSI Z540-1…and so on.

The key to compliance, process consistency, and variation reduction is through process procedures, department instructions, and training that are not just comprehensive but understandable to your shop floor personnel. We can help you create and implement these procedures and provide on-site, hands on training for your staff.