korean project

As a new start up process for this company it was necessary to create all process procedures and department instructions required to conduct the brazing and heat treating in accordance with all applicable specifications and quality system requirements. Detailed procedures and instructions are one key aspect in running a braze operation so that consistency is achieved and variation is reduced from one process load to the next, year after year.

RD Services provided our consulting services as a custom training program covering the theory of brazing and heat treatment of aluminum assemblies with a primary focus on hands-on operational training. Areas covered included design methods for brazed assemblies and tooling; maintenance and operation of Salt Bath furnaces; flux removal and testing practices; heat treating and straightening of complex brazed chassis and cold plates; waveguides; and antenna assemblies. The hands on training program progressed from the simplest initial brazed samples to very complex chassis and cold plate configurations and included quantitative and qualitative inspection practices.

This intensive training program allowed this customer to progress to a level of competence and expertise in 6 months that would have otherwise only been possible after many years of brazing.

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